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250 new persons register as organ donors

A campaign spread over a few days and organised by the Malta Music Awards in collaboration with PBS, has resulted in 250 new persons registering as organ donors enabling the transplant of their organs after their death. In a ceremony to mark the campaign there were several persons who in recent years benefited from organ donations.

TVM spoke to Rita Arnaud and Daniela Dalli who had kidney transplants and who could not find sufficient words to thank the donors for giving them a new lease of life.

At the age of eight, Daniela Dalli became diabetic and after a number of years this had deteriorated her kidneys and she had to go on dialysis for five years.

She said the suffering was enormous; she had to stop socialising and she was not able to take liquids because these are then not passed. This means going to hospital to have poisons removed from the system and after four hours undergo a blood change.

Daniela said that during the Christmas period four years ago she received a telephone call that informed her that kidneys compatible to her system had been found.

She said resultantly one is literally restored to life, one is no longer in pain and one does not have to undergo three hospital visits lasting four hours each time in a week. Without such a development it is impossible to continue with life especially when one is young and one has to work.

Two months after a kidney transplant, Rita Arnaud could not find the appropriate words to thank organ donors that have enabled her to enjoy a new lease of life.

She had experienced difficulties in walking and even short distances tired her out. She could not take liquids but now she can. She also could not eat certain foodstuffs but now she can, that is not to say eat anything because one still has to remain aware, Rita said that however, she is now much better than she was.

PBS, Magic Malta, the main collaborator in the Malta Music Awards mounted the organ donation campaign and Magic Malta presenter Carlo Borg Bonaci said that in a few days’ campaign 250 new donors had registered, that is, representing ten donors for every years since the first Malta Music Awards.

He said performers are being encouraged to set the example and to make it easy to follow the campaign because some found it difficult and so they are encouraged to join others.

Carlo Borg Bonaci said Magic Malta will continue the campaign throughout the year. The list of new donors was presented to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne. The Minister said that initiatives such as this encourage more entities to organise similar events and to raise awareness of the importance of organ donations. He said that since the Organ Donation Register was launched three years ago almost 25,000 people have registered as donors of their organs after their death.

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