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2,700 phone calls were received this year on helpline 1770

Speaking during a visit to the Richmond Foundation centre, Prime Minister’s wife Dr Lydia Abela stressed on the need that more awareness is raised by everyone on the importance of mental health, and to recognise the great work done by organisations and entities throughout the year.

Dr Abela praised the work carried out by Richmond Foundation in favour of mental health, reiterating that this year was a particular one with many challenges and with mental health a priority.

She also stressed on the particular service on helpline 1770, in which through a phone call, a person who needs assistance is aware that professionals are ready to hear and guide the person. This year, this service was extended to 24 hours a day.

Dr Abela remarked that the amount of phone calls reached 2,700 this year covering anxiety, loneliness, persons who feel abandoned and with family problems among those who requested assistance.

Richmond Foundation chief executive, Ms Stephanie Dimech Sant, spoke on the great increase in assistance through the phone calls this year, initially many were linked with anxiety and persons concerned about the possibility of being infected with Covid. More phone calls were received by persons with mental health problems and loneliness with persons requesting guidelines and assistance. She added that there were also companies which requested the foundation’s assistance for services to their workers who worked from home and when they returned to work.

Dr Abela finally appealed on the importance that people work from home and from the community we live in with more awareness on mental health. She also appealed for solidarity and inclusion in society of persons passing through difficulties in their lives.