28 million euro in funds waiting to be availed of by Local Councils for environmental projects

During the Popolin programme, a discussion was held on climate change and its impact at national and international level. Popolin spoke with Vincent Cassar, Chairperson of the Planning Board within the Planning Authority.

Cassar explained that when a project comes up before the Board for approval or otherwise, the members take into consideration issues of landscaping, rather than just seeing that a couple of trees are dotted around. Applicants have to show that the project is well thought out; as an example, it has to be proven that CO2 being generated is absorbed.

Vincent Cassar also spoke about funds available for Local Councils to propose projects with environmental benefits. The funds available total 35 million euro, but just over seven euro so far have been committed for projects approved by the Planning Authority.  This means that at this point in time, there are 28 million euro in funds which can be utilised by Local Councils for environmental projects which will leave a positive impact on the locality and its citizens. “If Local Councils do not apply for these types of projects, we can’t do anything from our end. There is a need for more initiative and thought by Local Councils to come up with ideas for projects which can be carried out in their respective localities,” Mr Cassar reiterated.