Man in Spain accused of killing his mother and eating parts of her

A 28-year-old man is undergoing trial in Spain where he is being accused of killing his 66-year-old mother, cutting her up in pieces and eating parts of her.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez was arrested two years ago when the police searched his mother’s house after a missing person’s report was filed by a person close to the family.

At the woman’s home in Madrid, they found a macabre scene, with pieces of her dead body spread over various parts of the house, while some body parts were placed in plastic containers.

The accused told the Court that he did not remember cutting his mother up into pieces or eating her, however it was reported that when he was picked up by the Police he admitted to strangling his mother and sometimes ate pieces of her or fed her to his dog.

The Spanish media reported that the accused suffered from a personality disorder and was a drug addict. He was also known to the Police for being violent towards his mother, María Soledad Gómez, and in fact a restraining order had been issued against him.