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UPATED: 4 people injured in Sliema fight – Police searching for a man

Four people of Swedish nationality were injured in a fight which broke out between a group of people in Sliema. It was shortly after 7pm when assistance was requested outside of a restaurant on the Sliema front. The injured persons are a woman, aged 48, her sons aged 27 and 29 and a friend of her sons, aged 26.

The incident happened when a member of staff at the restaurant asked the young men to put on their tops while they were inside the establishment. It appears that they did not wish to wear their tops and at this point an argument broke out in which one of the Swedish man allegedly threw a standing ashtray at the employee. The argument developed into a scuffle which continued outside of the restaurant with one of the Swedish man ending up being hit by a glass by a person who fled the scene and for whom the Police are still searching.

Two ambulances and four vehicles from the Rapid Intervention Unit were called to the scene.

The Police said that the Swedish woman sustained slight injuries, while the three young men were grievously injured.

A magisterial inquiry was opened by Claire Stafrace Zammit.