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3,600 tons of waste collected in one month

The Cleansing and Maintenance Department has collected 3,600 tons of waste in one month, varying from street waste, illegally dumped waste and bay seaweed. Authorities are appealing to the public to keep public places clean and appreciate more the work done by the department’s workers.

New offices for the department were inaugurated this morning in Ħal Luqa for its cleansing operations in the Maltese islands.

The division’s director Ramon Deguara said that the division’s strategy is focusing on diversification while at the same time strengthening the efficiency of operations through technology use.

He added that cleansing practices in the Maltese islands are being changed through pilot projects by placing waste containers in strategic  places which are programmed to give signals on when they are emptied.

“This system also brought efficiency in our operation as 87% of transport with trucks and vans previously carried out to empty these containers, are being litterally saved. This also applies to other uses of technology we will be implementing”.

The division also plans to offer facilities to commercial entities to dispose of their waste, together with artificial intelligence projects aimed at identifying places where waste is illegally dumped. Mr Deguara said this complements with the work done by the workers during the pandemic, with the washing of various areas in the country during which 12 million litres of water was used, covering 170,000 kilometres of roads, pavements and pedestrian areas.

Tourism and Consumer Protection Minister, Clayton Bartolo, said that great efforts are being made for the country’s cleansing strategy with extensive cleaning, maintenance and enforcement services. He stated that during the ‘Insebbħu Pajjiżna’ campaign, 630 tons of waste were collected from streets, 270 tons of illegally dumped construction waste,  2,700 tons of seaweed from bays, apart from roads maintenance. Minister Bartolo appealed for more responsibility in public cleansing.

Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleansing, Deo Debattista said that the Cleansing and Maintenance Division is fully committed in sustaining public cleansing, adding that the public’s cooperation is essential so that the country is enjoyed by everyone.