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At 11 pm this evening four persons to be arraigned in Court

During today’s media conference, Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà said that at about 11 pm this evening four persons are to be arraigned in Court to appear before Magistrate Victor Axiaq. They are to be arraigned in connection with the homicide of lawyer Dr Carmel Chircop and two of them with the homicide of Caruana Galizia.

The Commissioner said that two vehicles had been impounded and one contained cash in the region of more than €50,000 while heroin and two cocaine sachets were found in the other vehicle.


Angelo Gafà said that in a residence about €20,000 in cash were found as well as 25 mobiles, two laptops and technological equipment as well as a number of firearms. He said that a sea search for other firearms had been carried out with negative results.


The Commissioner said that yesterday and today contact had been maintained with the Health Superintendent and it was decided that arraignment will take place late this evening in Court Room 22 when les people are around and journalists will have ample space to maintain social distancing.


Regarding the homicide of Dr Chircop, the Commissioner said the Proclamation had been granted because information received by the Police had collaborated with other information that had been gathered. That is why the Pardon Proclamation had been given and the persons involved may shed more light on the homicide of Caruana Galizia.


He added that one of the three arrested aid he was Covid positive and a swab test confirmed this. The health Superintendent granted an exemption for this person to be arraigned.


Replying to journalists, Commissioner Gafà said there is no evidence that any person in the political sphere was involved in any of the cases. He said persons are to be arraigned as being accomplices in the case of Dr Chircop and the alleged mandates are also to be arraigned.


Gafà said that as a result of the evidence available, every person involved, whether as a mandate or whether as being involved, has been placed under arrest or has been arraigned in Court.


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