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47 new projects on an investment of €77 million to provide 1,000 new employment opportunities – Minister Miriam Dalli

During the last 16 months the Government has attracted foreign capital investments worth €77 million in 47 new projects and these will offer 1,000 new employment opportunities.

This was announced by the Minister for Energy, Enterprises and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli, when she proposed a Parliamentary Amendment regarding commercial promotion.

Minister Dalli recounted the work being performed by Malta Enterprise and the support offered by its schemes. She said that over and above these new projects, a further new 462 employment opportunities will be created on an investment of €19 million by 19 companies established in Malta but seeking to increase their operations.

The Minister for Enterprises recounted that during the pandemic said that financial help of €500 million had been extended to 17.500 enterprises and companies to help save the employment of 100,000 persons. She said the new mode of economy being introduced by the Government in the country i establishing a country that is based on sustainability, with suitable employment conditions and opportunities, suitable wages and that employees will attain recognised value. She ended by saying the Government is using new niches as the basis of this economic activity.

The Opposition Spokesperson for Small Enterprises, Edwin Vassallo, called on the Government to address its priorities toward small enterprises who he said are suffering liquidity problems because of the pandemic. He called on the Government to finance these entities to enable them to make a fresh start.

MP Vassallo asked what restart programme has been prepared for restaurant owners, sole traders and wholesalers. He said there is a lack of communication with the self-employed with the exception of Business First. He lamented that although the Government was helping companies, the owners of small enterprises are being left to struggle by themselves.  He said small enterprises were trying to operate in a restricted economy that was below the EU average.