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4a Games increases its operations in Malta

The company 4A Games migrated to Malta from the Ukraine and today ranks with the best in the world for software development and digital gaming. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat visited the company and said it would continue to increase its investment and its workers.

Malta’s economic atmosphere and the advantages it offers foreign investors to start operating from Malta had resulted in 4A Games bringing 50 workers and their families from the Ukraine to work in Malta’s digital domain.

CEO Dean Sharpe said that the enormous help he recived from Malta was a determining factor in his decision to come to Malta. He said the company specialises in the development of digital games and that the game Metro Exodus had taken five years to complete and contained 43,000 animations.

Gaming Malta Foundation Head of Operations Ivan Filletti said that the company had opened up another market which the country could tap into.

During a visit to the company’s studio, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that this company was expected to continue expanding its operations, having in recent years increased from 50 to 65 workers. Dr Muscat said that in the coming days the Government would be announcing its vision for the digital field, which included artificial intelligence.

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