50 Cent arrested after uttering obscenities on stage

American rapper 50 Cent has been arrested in St Kitts, a Caribbean island, after he used vulgarity on stage during a concert. The incident took place on Saturday when the singer was presenting the event ‘St Kitts Music Festival’.

The rapper, who is famous for songs such as ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘P.I.M.P.’, was asked to spontaneously to sing at the festival, apart from presenting it. However during his songs, the singer used vulgar words which did not go down too well with the authorities, and the singer and his friend were arrested.

On this small island, with only 40,000 people, it is a crime to use profanities in public, so the rapper could have even been sent to jail. However it appears that Curtis Jackson, who goes by the name 50 Cent, was let off lightly because he was only given a fine and by Sunday he was back home in the United States.