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5,000 persons suffer Epilepsy

The President of the Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association, Frank Portelli, said that in Malta there are about 5,000 persons that suffer from Epilepsy but 70% of them lead a normal life as a result of the treatment they receive.

He was speaking at San Anton Palace where under the auspices of President George Vella the EPIPICTO Conference was held between experts and Maltese NGOs as part of the EU’s Erasmus Programme. The conference was coordinated by Professor Janet Mifsud, President of the Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association.

Association President Frank Portelli said that during the last two years the Association worked through collaboration with Scotland, Holland, Germany and Austria to prepare an information leaflet about the condition.

He said that Epilepsy is what is known as “a hidden condition” but certain body movements such as trembling hands or sudden head jerks may be symptoms and should be brought to the attention of a doctor who will refer to a neurologist for EEG tests which will be indicative. Suffering one fit does not mean Epilepsy.

The Minister for the Family, Michael Falzon, said more has yet to be done to make society more conscious of this condition and a plan of action should address difficulties of Epilepsy sufferers.

President George Vella said that medicines are helping sufferers to lead a normal life. He praised the Association which is working to strengthen information and communication through a leaflet that explains the condition and how a person suffering Epilepsy should be treated.

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