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52 new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Malta and Gozo

During a press briefing this morning, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne confirmed 52 new cases of Covid-19 in Malta and Gozo.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne explained that four of these are Gozitans and that the total number so far is 293. Speaking at the briefing, he said he was not surprised by this number because gauging from the statistics they had, they imagined this amount would be reached one week ago. He said that Malta has been able to delay this amount to date, which means that the measures taken so far are having an effect.

He said that these 52 cases were unrelated to residents at the Ħal Far Open Centre. Yesterday a record number of tests were carried out where 825 tests were performed. He said their target was to run a thousand tests a day and that 11,740 tests had been done so far. Apropos of testing, Dr Fearne said that this morning he had announced two phone numbers for health care workers to call to request a test.


He appealed to the public to remain disciplined and said that the spread of the virus in Malta depended on each and every one of us. He encouraged people who could, to work from home, and called on people to only leave the house for the essentials.

Dr Fearne said a database would be released for anyone wanting to provide any service. He also called on people to care for each other and to call their relatives and said a new helpline had been launched – 1770 – for people in need of mental health help.

Public Health Superintendent Profs. Charmaine Gauci gave details of the 52 people. She said that out of these 52 cases, four were from Gozo and 5 from abroad. Foreigners include 2 Indians and another from Somalia. Prof Gauci explained that none were residents at the Hal-Far Centre. She went on to say that a person from today’s cases lives in a residential home.