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54 new cases of COVID-19 in Malta, nine others recover

New cases of Covid-19 in Malta have increased by 54 over the past 24 hours. This after 1,789 swab tests were carried out. This also means today’s number is a record in terms of Covid-19 cases in Malta. The youngest person to be infected by Covid-19 in the past hours is a one-year-old infant, and the oldest is 75 years old. TVM is informed that for of the cases are being treated at Mater Dei, although none of them are in the ITU. Twenty others are being held at Boffa and St Thomas hospital and the authorities have confirmed that some of these are being kept in hospital as a preventative measure because they can’t stay at home.

TVM also spoke to Profs Charmaine Gauci who continued to urge people to avoid large gatherings.

“At the moment we are seeing a lot of cases and we are pressing on with our strategy to try to identity the positives and put them in quarantine. So avoid large crowds where possible because it is very easy to pass the virus on. Wear masks and wash your hands and it is all important for vulnerable people and those with chronic illness to be cautious in such a situation.”

Of the groups already known to have been infected with the virus, the largest number are a further twelve people from various establishments in Paceville. Nine other cases were related to a family known to have the virus, while three more cases are from a cluster of foreigners from an English language school.

The number of new cases is the highest ever recorded since March 7, since the outbreak of the pandemic in Malta.

This is the 10th day our country has registered double digits in infections since the 31st July. If one considers the largest groups of people infected so far it seems that the largest group comes from Paceville, where so far the known cases total 49. The second largest case is from the Hotel Takeover party which the last to be mentioned was in Friday’s update, with 33 cases, while the third largest cluster is that of the English schools, with the amount rising so far to thirty cases.

The amount of people from infected groups total 24, while the rest, i.e. thirty, are possibly sporadic cases – and it is not known how such contracted the virus.

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