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6 year old boy falls from 10th floor of the Tate Modern art gallery

In London a six year old boy is in a critical but stable condition after having fallen from the tenth floor of the Tate Modern art gallery. The boy was found on the roof of the fifth floor. The police have arrested a 17 year old youth on attempted murder charges. The police said it did not appear that the young man knew this child and explained that they were still establishing the circumstances of the case.

Olga Malchevska, visitor at the Tate Modern gallery:

“At some moment I saw the noise on my right-hand, people started to a bit like push that way. My first instinct was like, ‘oh my god, something is going on’, and I felt like I must take my child and try to move out, and we rushed to the exit and then on my way to the lift I met that woman who was running and she was shouting, ‘oh my son, my son’ – it is something which I heard clearly, maybe she was saying something else, but I heard that – and she was crying desperately, and I felt like maybe I should help her but I had my child and I felt scared, you know, I felt like I should take him out of there. So we just jumped to the lift which was already packed and we were like literally the last people to jump inside, and we went down and in the lift everybody already knew that the boy fall (fell) down and everybody was discussing what happened.”

Witnesses on site said that the young man had been detained by people who were present and appeared calm.