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60 children camp out in the gardens at the Verdala Presidential Palace

More than 60 children who attend the scouts in Sliema have been given another opportunity to form their character while learning a number of necessary life skills.

The children are spending a week camping in the gardens at the Verdala Presidential Palace in Buskett where they are learning how to be more disciplined.

Taking part in this camping trip are scouts aged between 12 – 18 who will also be joined by children aged between 7 – 8. These children come from various countries including Syria, Africa, Germany, Italy, China, Russia and Malta. The scout leader Timmy Cutigno explained that during these events, the scouts learn how to build their character.

The President of Malta George Vella, accompanied by the First Lady, was given a warm welcome at the camping site. Dr Vella told the children that this camp will not only serve to build their personal character but also to form a healthy society in which they are able to live in peace.

The President explained that they should learn to live together and accept each other despite the diversity in their culture and beliefs. President Vella said that society has become more multicultural and urged them to live together like Maltese brothers and sisters, to create an atmosphere of integration so that the country can be safer.

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