60% of those working from home said they worked better

Research carried out by the Forum Unjins Maltin concluded that 60% of those working from home felt they carried out more work than they do at their work place. Only 8% said they felt they worked less.

The research was carried out among 428 Forum Members, covering the period from 29th March to 22nd April.

It also resulted that 47% claimed to have been forced to work from home while a further 47% stated this was a result of their agreeing to do so.

A total of 41% described their experience in working from home as a positive one while 55% said there were positive and negative aspects.

Asked if during this period they suffered losses, 13% said they had; over half said they incurred more expenses while 22% said their employer paid part of the expenses.

About 46% said the fact that there were other family members working from home had some positive and some negative aspects while 29% said this was positive.

A total of 64% said that when the pandemic is over they will seek a better balance between working from home and working at their place of employment.