600 civil society representatives end two days of discussions in Malta

Around 600 representatives from 50 countries ended two days of discussions in Malta during the Anna Lindh Foundation Forum organised with the collaboration of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

ray-cam0386_01-new-01_frame_64Meeting at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, the participants – mostly youths – interacted in an intercultural dialogue aimed at fighting radicalism. Foreign Affairs Minister, George Vella, stated during the conclusion of the forum that the Maltese Government is committed to continue collaborating with the Anna Lindh foundation which embraces more than 4,500 non-governmental organisations.

Minister Vella expressed his satisfaction with the work done during the past two days in the interest of the region’s countries. Malta will work, he added, so that the dialogue process will continue between citizens of different nations in building bridges despite the cultural and religious differences that exist. He said that through dialogue citizens learn to understand and accept each other.

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