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6,000 employees to be compensated for anomalies and injustices they suffered over the years

Around 6,000 employees will be compensated for anomalies and injustices which they have suffered over the years. Ministers Edward Scicluna and Michael Falzon said that they will be granting €11 million between them from a scheme which was launched two years ago.

Those who can apply for compensation according to established criteria include former Port employees, ex-members of the Labour Corps and former Police officers.

Minister Falzon said that the Government would continue to fulfil the electoral promise it had made to these workers.

“There were 3,000 people who were in the former Corps prior to 1979,  although physically they were considered part of the civil service. We are speaking of around 630 Port workers, according to the agreement reached with their own union and around 2500 former police officers in the grades of Major, Sargeant Major and Constable who are being paid for the overtime they worked between 1993- 2009, according to the agreement reached with the unions, and who for 16 whole years were never given any compensation.”

Minister Scicluna said that despite the fact that these employees had lost their right to compensation because their case was time-barred, the Government still allocated €11 million to compensate them over a number of years.

“The arrangement with these workers was that the means of the country would permit us to distribute the compensation over a period of four, five, seven years. So we found a legal and technical method of how we can announce only the sum for that year, and therefore one year after another we can manage to distribute the entire sum, without announcing it beforehand. But I can say that to date we have awarded 45 million Euro from this scheme,” Minister Scicluna said.

The workers who may be entitled to this compensation need to apply for their request to be considered according to the scheme’s criteria.

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