636 young people facing difficulties, including drug and alcohol addiction, have been helped

Last year 636 young people who had serious difficulties, were helped by Aġenzija Sedqa and the Directorate of Alternative Treatment. They were helped to find themselves and start a new life.

Two young people had this to say when they spoke to TVM:

“There were various programmes, I attended ADP, I had drama as well, the people changed, and in the last activity we had it was a group which we called Evolve, so we did a lot of different things.”

“The FSWS. and Youth in Focus helped me a lot. They gave me a social worker who helped me to recover from the trauma I had experienced. They gave me the opportunity to join a drama group and we eventually put up a performance”.

The CEO  of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, Alfred Grixti said that 14 nurses are employed to give around 750 doses of methadone daily, so that those who are dependent on drugs can be helped, even by a substantial number of professionals, to start a new life.

He also explained that the expenditure was more than €2.2 million which means that every young person in the programme costs the state more than €3,600 per year.

“During 2020, 636 young people approached us, to request help from the Directorate of Alternative Care within the Foundation, in other words, Youth in Focus and Embark for Life, to receive help for the challenges which they have in their lives including drug and alcohol abuse, and even other addictions such as the excessive used of social media.”

The Minister for Social Justice and Solidarity Michael Falzon said that drugs are a problem.

“Drugs are not the solution, they are the problem. The second point that we need to understand is that we cannot judge and not go with an already formed opinion but with an open hand in society to help those who have this problem. Finally we need to search our social conscience and ask why one needs to hide or put themselves in danger by using drugs.”

During a conference which commemorated the World Day against Drug Abuse and Illegal Trafficking, it was stated that 40% of young people monitored by the Foundation are dependent on drugs.