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68 immigrants rescued yesterday will not be allowed to enter Malta

The 68 immigrants who were rescued yesterday by the ship which belongs to the NGO Sea-Eye in the Libyan search and rescue zone will not be allowed to disembark in Malta. A Government spokesman told TVM that the responsibility for these immigrants should be carried by the country responsible for the ship.

Maltese authorities have made it clear with the Germany NGO that it would not permit the disembarkation of the immigrants rescued from Libya’s territorial waters, in Malta. The Government spokesman told Television Malta that the operations by these ships owned by private organisations should fall under the responsibility of the country where the ships are registered.

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said that the Government should inform the European Commission with this latest development and appeared annoyed that these ships are going close to the Libyan coast and encouraging immigrants to cross over the Europe by using Twitter.

On their Twitter page, the NGO Sea-Eye said that the ship  Alan Kurdi had rescued 68 people who were on a wooden boat in the Libyan search and rescue zone and alleged that a Libyan speedboat had tried to interfere with the rescue operation and that shots were even fired into the air.

The Italian Government has also made it clear to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs that immigrants will not be allowed to disembark on Italian territory even if agreement is reached for the distribution of immigrants in the light of the pandemic which has brought Italy to its knees.