7-year old Gozitan girl helped family avoid potential danger after gas leakage

A disabled Gozitan girl, aged 7, saved her family from a potential dangerous situation when in a moment of panic told her mother to phone 112 for emergency assistance.

The Abela family residing at Sannat a few months ago experienced moments of fear when the mother went to the supermarket, and the father and their two disabled children lost conscience due to a gas leakage. When the mother returned home she saw her husband and children unconscious.

“I saw Stephen sitting down with the helper washing his face, Ana seemed without strength and my son was in the high chair; then I opened the windows”.

The mother recounted that at that moment she got confused when she came to call for help to the emergency services and it was Ana who although she had inhaled some gas, told her mother to phone 112 – a number she learned during school events. The girl said, “Mama was so panicked that she could not remember the hospital number and I told her to phone 112”.

At the Sannat school, Ana was very delighted when she was awarded for her timely action that avoided worse consequences to her family.