75 year anniversary since the setting up of Saint Elias College

The College of Saint Elias is commemorating its 75 year anniversary since its establishment. The first school of this College was opened in 1944 at the Carmelite Friars Convent in Valletta and later moved to Santa Venera.

In 1944, the Carmelite Fathers in Valletta opened the first Carmelite school in Malta – the Scola Mariano Apostolica. In 1952, the Carmelite Fathers decided to expand and moved to Santa Venera where the Parish Centre in St. Joseph High Road is located today. A decision was taken to change the name Scola Mariano Apostolica to Mount Carmel College, given that Mount Carmel is where the Prophet Elijah lived in Israel in the 9th century BC and where the Carmelite Order was later set up in the 13th century AD.

In the sixties the project for a new school as it stands today, began. Eleven years ago the College changed its name to Saint Elias College. To mark the 75 year anniversary since the College was established, we visited the school in Santa Venera which has 240 students. The College rector, Fr. Jurgen Cucciardi, talked about the mission the College seeks to undergo with its students.

“We strive to welcome everyone because everyone has his abilities, everyone has his own brand of success. We don’t just focus on academics but also other things like sports, and different activities that we participate in throughout the school year. ”

The religion teacher, Fabio Borg, stressed that this profession was a vocation.

“We try to help the students to instil some values which will help them in their lives in the future – we focus on inclusivity helping them feel that they are part of a community, where we strive to bring out the best in them.”

We spoke to a student who was educated at Saint Elias College and who is now in the final year of secondary school.

Danil Vorobjov: “I enjoyed studying here very much. I made a lot of friends and I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life because this was my life. This is where I completed my studies.”

Danil told us that he feels like he was given an education within a family environment where everyone was given importance irrespective of his abilities and achievments.

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