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79% of people in Malta are home-owners

A European survey on income and living conditions  has found that in the case of Malta, less than 11% of the people reside in rented properties, and nearly 79% are home-owners. This totals 148,000 families, the majority of whom are not still paying for their home loans.

The survey, carried out among 4,000 families, found that 3.4% of people in Malta reside in properties considered as small in size, as not every single person has a room of their own. The majority of these are rented properties.

It also emerged from the survey that one-third of Maltese homes consist of five rooms. The Eurostat survey concludes that nearly 74% of families who are home-owners either did not take out a loan or have paid up their loan in full. It also results that there is a higher percentage of childless couples living in rented properties.

Less than 20% consider the expense of having a home as a major expense. The survey, which relates to statistics about persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion, has found that these persons are the worst hit, even in the housing sector.

In a reaction, Minister for the Family Michael Falzon declared in a statement that these figures are significant, among others because over the past five years the number of habitable new houses has gone up by 31,600. Minister Falzon added that nine out of every ten homes belong to families who are home-owners. The Minister also noted that the number of families who rent has increased by 1,700, to just under 40,000. Minister Falzon further stated that these are truly positive results, when one considers the population growth in recent years.

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