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8,000 heart failure sufferers

The Department of Cardiology at Mater Dei believes that in a decade, a quarter of the population may suffer from heart failure.

Cardiologist Robert Xuereb said that in Malta over 8,000 people suffer from this condition.

The various symptoms of heart failure are the main reason for the increased number of patients each year at the Emergency Department of Mater Dei Hospital.

On the day dedicated to this condition, cardiologist Robert Xuereb said that a poor diet, lack of exercise and age are determining factors for this condition which are often the result of heart attack.

“Because of the heart attack lesion, the causes of heart attacks are four: smoking, high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol in the blood. They all cause a narrowing of the arteries and heart failure. ”

Dr Xuereb explained that in older people there is a greater tendency for the heart to begin to suffer fatigue. He warned however that this condition could also affect much younger people.

Attending a briefing at Mater Dei hospital, Marisa Zammit said that she takes the symptom of shortness of breath very seriously, after losing her friend.

Marisa Zammit said of her friend “she had put on some weight and she was short of breath. She thought it was because she was overweight but in fact it was a result of heart failure.”

Dr Xuereb said that the Maltese should look after their health from an early age, both through exercise and through a healthy and balanced diet.

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