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82 women ask for help from Abortion Support Network

One year after the Abortion Support Network extended its services to Malta, 82 women requested help to obtain an abortion in the UK.

In a statement, Abortion Support Network said that out of 82 requests, it helped to finance the travel, consultation and abortions for ten women.

The age of the women who made contact with the Abortion Support Network ranges between 19 – 46 years of age.

It explained that the majority of women who made contact with the network did not  have financial problems but just wanted more information. It added that those who were given financial assistance were given £8,882.74 in grants.

The Abortion Support Network said that among those who had requested help, there were those who had decided not to have an abortion but to carry on with the pregnancy.

The founder of the Abortion Support Network, Mara Clarke said that while she is not happy that Maltese women are having to ask for their help, she is pleased that she can be of service to Malta.

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