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86% of Maltese say that their family’s financial situation is good

More than 85% of Maltese consider Malta’s economic situation as good, the fourth highest among European citizens interviewed in the latest Eurobarometer, in which confidence and optimism in the EU is at its highest levels since 2014.

It also emerged in last June’s survey that a third of the Maltese believe that in the coming year the Maltese economy will continue to grow, while migration will be the most worrying issue for the Maltese.

86% of Maltese said that their family’s financial situation is good, while nine per cent said it is bad. This emerged from the recent Eurobarometer survey with a sample of 500 Maltese citizens in Malta who were interviewed last June.

The survey reflects what the Maltese think about the Maltese economic performance, with 85% of Maltese saying it is good and 7% consider it bad. The figures contrast with the European Union average where 49% of those interviewed said that their national economy is good and 47% said it is bad. The most pessimists are the Italians (76% said it is bad), the Hungarians (80%) and the Greeks (93%).

Three out of every 10 Maltese are optimistic that the national economic situation will continue to improve in the coming year, while almost five out of 10 think it will remain the same.

Asked about the two major problems Malta is currently facing, 49% of Maltese mentioned migration and 43% said it is housing. In the E.U., the most pressing issues are unemployment, the cost of living and pensions. Migration placed in fifth position and housing in eight.

Six out of every 10 Maltese who were interviewed, 64%, said that migration is the most important challenge for the EU. Estonians, Czechs, Dutch and Slovenians (53%) also share the same view as Maltese. Climate change is more of a pressing issue than migration in Denmark, Ireland, Finland and Sweden.

The Eurobarometer survey, carried out following May’s elections, showed a solid increase in the positive perception of citizens about the EU in all sectors – from the economy to the state of democracy. The European Commission described the results as the best since June 2014.

Among others, confidence in the European Union increased to 44% when compared with last year’s survey, while those expressing a positive opinion on the EU increased in 23 countries, including Malta.

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