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A decision soon on foreign words in the Maltese language

The situation of the Maltese language and the way forward were discussed during a National Forum on the Maltese Language. Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that various steps are being taken to strengthen the Council of Maltese Language.

The Minister said that the time has come to have translators and interpreters in the National Council of the Maltese Language who use Maltese in European institutions and who are developing the language in new sectors such as in the scientific, legal and technology sector.

While putting aside the idea of arrangements by politicians to change the Council of Maltese Language board, he said that more people who use the Maltese should be appointed in sub-committees of the Council.

Mr Bartolo said that there is a need for funds for more research on the use of the Maltese language to avoid capricious or arbitrary decisions.

Meanwhile, reports were presented during the forum on the main issues that emerged in the public consultation

The President of the Council, Professor Ray Fabri said that a lot has still to be done on the written language as there is a tendency that reading and writing is done more in English. Referring to the immediate decision that will be taken on foreign words in the Maltese language, Professor Fabri said that a balance has to be reached.

“We have to create a balance on permitting the language to produce and becomes richer and at the same time we do not lose what he have. Therefore it is a bit of a difficult and complex situation but the important thing is we discussed it and today’s forum showed that there is an interest in the language”.

The forum was presided by Professor Joseph Brincat from the Faculty of Arts. Prof Brincat told that a detachment exists between academics and the public.

“Every individual says that his language is a perfect one, and everybody has to speak likewise but the truth is that no one can tell another person how to speak therefore the spoken words have a certain liberty, but then when we write the language we need a certain standard”.

The documents presented during the forum will be published to be accessible to everyone.

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