A diet of junk food led to loss of vision

A 17 year old lost his eyesight because he was not eating healthily.

The case took place in Bristol where a diet of crisps and chips caused irreparable damage to the young man’s vision.

The boy was raised on a diet of Pringles, white bread and chips and would have the occasional piece of ham or sausage.

From tests carried out, it emerged that he had a severe deficiency of vitamins and substances which deteriorated his vision.

The boy did not eat vegetables and fruit saying these made him nauseous and despite not being overweight, he developed other conditions such as bone damage.

Dr. Atan, the doctor who was monitoring the young man’s health said that despite been warned of the dangers if it did not change his diet, the boy buried his head in the sand and today he can’t watch television, much less read or drive a car. He has only peripheral vision that allows him to walk unaided.

Dr. Atan said that such cases are rare but warned parents to ensure that their children followed a balanced diet.

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