A double dose of celebrations for St. Sebastian parishioners in Qormi

It was a double celebration for St.Sebastian parishioners in Qormi when they received news from the Archbishop that their parish would henceforth be headed by an Archpriest.

Parishioners congregated in earnest to celebrate the Risen Christ with a papier mache statue of Christ looking toward the heavens, made by Gerolamo Dingli. Members of the Scouts accompanied the procession with drums played by children of different ages.

Parish priest Father Karist Zammit handed out chocolates to young children within the parish. Dun Karist said “our joy is justified because of the beautiful truth that Jesus was crucified and died but rose again and conquered death”.

The feast of the Risen Christ is significant for members of the three confraternities within this parish, some of them having been members for many years.

The procession is also held in high esteem from people outside the locality of Qormi.

At St Sebastian Parish in Qormi, lifters had a tough time because they ran with the statue twice: the more challenging was when they ran up the stairs of the parvis. This was highly emotional both for the runners and for those watching because this statue evokes a powerful message: that after so much suffering Christ emerged a winner.

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