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A feast of diversity and integration by the Curia

Through an initiative taken by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna, a meal was held last night to which 100 people from different cultures, races, religions and who speak different language were invited so that they can get to know one another and share their life and work experiences.

Among those present there were representatives from the Armed Forces and the Police Force.

On Tuesday evening, the Curia remained open later than usual so that around 100 people could get together – from immigrants and refugees, representatives of African communities, NGO representatives who work with immigrants, the Armed Forces and the Police as well as youth volunteers who are involved in the Church – for a celebration of diversity.

Archbishop Scicluna said that initiatives such this prove that people from different cultures and religions can live together and learn from one another.

The food and drink which were served at this dinner also respected the religions and traditions of those present.



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