“A heartfelt thank you for believing in me”

After much eagerly awaited anticipation, this morning Destiny dazzled in a silver dress, during her second rehearsal on the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam. In comments to Television Malta she said that she was happy and delighted with the outcome of the show she gave on stage and stated that she felt more confident and happy that she changed her dress. The impact that the Maltese ambassador is leaving has led to Destiny being among the favorites with betting companies after finishing her second rehearsal in the Eurovision Song Contest.

She’s energetic, confident and possesses great stage presence.

This morning, Destiny had her second rehearsal on the stage of the Ahoy arena in Rotterdam, five days away from the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest.

After her performance this morning, visibly in the seventh heaven, she gave her first reaction as she stepped off the stage saying she was satisfied with today’s rehearsal

“I just did my second rehearsal and I’m really happy and thrilled as I’ve said before, oh My God, you have to be on stage to feel what I’m trying to describe.”

At a news conference in Rotterdam, Destiny stated, among other things, that this morning she felt she fared much better than she did in the first rehearsal because she has gotten used the stage. She went on to say that she felt more comfortable after changing her dress.

Later, in comments to Television Malta, Destiny explained the purpose of the style chosen for the song “Je Me Casse” on the Rotterdam stage.

“Our goal was for 5 women to be on stage in a display of strength, in order to transmit positive energy and strength on stage.”

Unlike other editions of Eurovision, where the singers would normally be engaged in various activities with their admirers, Destiny reassured the public that the festival this year was different because it respected Covid-19 measures.

“It’s very important to be safe, stay in our bubble and stay in the hotel as long as possible.”

In another development, it emerged that the Maltese ambassador won the OUTmusic Award hosted by the OUTtv held at the media centre in Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Destiny will sing in the first Eurovision semifinal next Tuesday. The semi-final, which she told TVM, she was looking forward to.

“Now I can’t wait to perform in the semifinal of course. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued support you are giving me. Thank you for the messages and thank you for believing and trusting in me. I appreciate and love you very much.”

The next engagement for Destiny is now on Sunday for the official Eurovision opening ceremony, while the next rehearsal, the last one before the semi-finals, will be late Monday night. .