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A macabre end for suspected victim who went missing 11 years ago

A preliminary investigation conducted on bones which were found hidden in an enclosure in Valletta are believed to belong to a woman aged between 20 and 30 years old.

In the coming days more forensic and medical examinations will be carried out, including DNA testing, in order to establish the identity of the person in question. The results of these tests are crucial to a parallel police investigation where a man suspected of killing Charlene Farrugia, eleven years ago, is being held under arrest.

From information available to Television Malta, the police believe that victim was not actually killed where the remains were found, and that the crime was one of the most gruesome and macabre. Police are treading carefully about when to charge the man and bring him to court.

Police will give a lot of weight to the medical and forensic examinations being carried out by experts appointed by Magistrate Audrey Demicoli, who is leading the inquiry regarding the discovery of these bone remains. Police suspect that the remains belong to Charlene Farrugia, a girl who went missing eleven years ago. These developments took place after the man who is currently in police custody and undergoing investigation for an attempted hold-up, talked about the disappearance of the girl. He allegedly said that he had killed her and indicated where her remains were.

On Saturday, in a recessed area of the Valletta bastions, in the ditch behind the Phenicia Hotel, officials from the Homicide Squad and Forensic experts seized human remains including a skull and other body parts, notably arms and legs. These were taken to the mortuary at Mater Dei Hospital. Television Malta is informed that from the first analysis carried out, it resulted that the bones belong to a woman aged between 20 and 30 years.

In the coming days DNA profiling will be carried out to determine whether the remains belong to Charlene Farrugia, the 25 year old girl from St. Paul’s Bay, who was reported missing on 7 November 2008. Forensic examinations are being conducted by the forensic Doctor Mario Scerri and by DNA expert Dr Marisa Cassar. It is possible that the police are waiting for the forensic results to establish conclusive proof of the person’s identity before charging the man with murder. Indeed, such a theory is not being ruled out.

Charlene Farrugia worked as a carer at Dar ta-Providenza and lived in an apartment in St. Paul’s Bay. The apartment is currently under Police surveillance pending the investigations and inquiries. Television Malta is informed that from statements made by the suspect, the murder was hugely macabre and did not take place in the area where the remains were found and which ultimately served as the hiding place for the femicide. We understand that the police are building their case gathering information on the girl’s final movements before she was killed.