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A new look to the Marfa breakwater

A breakwater in the northern part of Malta, which for years served as a crossing point between the island and for fishing enthusiasts, will be repaired following its neglect. Infrastructure Malta will start work to repair the Marfa breakwater and rebuilt part of it.

Infrastructure Malta maritime section head, Architect Janice Borg, said that a survey on the underwater foundations showed that substantial parts of the structure are weak and completely destroyed.

“Underwater works will include the reinforcement of the existing structure and obviously to close holes, etc. The quay will then be rebuilt, a sea wall is rebuilt which faces the sea waves and weather”.

The breakwater deck serves a 85-long and 9 metres-wide quay. The project, with an investment of €2.3 million, also includes the installation of a new lighting system and security cameras around the breakwater.

During the 70s, the breakwater was used by boats which operated trips between Malta and Gozo. Despite its bad state, the place is popular among fishing enthusiasts and is used by fishing boats and passenger ferries, such as those for transport services between Malta and Comino.

Architect Borg said that, in preparation to the breakwater works, Infrastructure Malta will refurbish a nearby smaller quay to be used temporarily for fishing boats and passengers until the breakwater can be accessible.