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A project to encourage more people to go from one place to the other on foot

Walking Malta is an ongoing research project which has been carried out by the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Institute at the University of Malta over the last two years.   It is supported by the local councils of Msida, Gżira, Birkirkara and San Gwann. By means of this project, the University campus and these four localities have put up informative signs, in the form of a totem polls, with details of the distance from each one of these paces to the University, whether one is going on foot or by bicycle.

As explained by the Director of the Institute, Prof Maria Attard, there are QR Codes on the signs so that one may access the safest, most convenient route to arrive from one place to the other.

“The local councils showed a lot of interest in this project when we told them that this will contribute to reducing the traffic and parking problems around University. All these councils suffer from this problem because there is always some sort of spillover. Many of them accepted the installation of these totem poles in their localities,  others will increase their infrastructure, and work towards making it safer for those who wish to walk or cycle.”

Student Carlos Canas, who is working on this project, explained that by means of the website Walking Malta, people may not only access alternative routes, but also see the route’s details, including whether there are any hills. He said that the website also includes comments from all those who have walked this route.

The University’s Pro-Rector, Prof Carmen Sammut, praised this initiative and said that these totem polls help for one to understand that the distance from the University to certain places is not that far if one decides to walk it.

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