Alistair Degiorgio receives shower of praise and encouragement

Alistair Degiorgio, who has the condition of dwarfism, has expressed with TVM the pain he felt when he saw the video clip of the Australian boy Quaden, who has the same condition he has and who was crying because of the bullying he has to endure.

While recounting his experiences living with this condition, Alistair talked about his ambition to become a journalist. ” I may be shorter than other people but I still have a brain and I can go to school and learn, find work and that is what I intend to do,” he said.

After Alistair’s story was published on social media, his teachers were quick to comment and praised him strengthening his resolve to follow his dreams.

“Alistair, you are a student who possesses huge talent and I am proud to be your teacher.” said Patrick Barbara, while reminding him that Prize Day was around the corner.

“Alistair, you are one of the best students I ever taught and teaching you is a pleasure”, said Steve Spiteri. “I recall how generous and kind you were and I am sure that you still are. Never stop dreaming and don’t change because you are beautiful as you are.”

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