A sight for sore eyes: illegal dumping continues

The scourge of illegal dumping of waste in the countryside continues. Writing on his Facebook page, the Mayor of Rabat Sandro Craus uploaded a photo of pieces of furniture, mattresses and sofas that were illegally dumped in Wied il-Bużbież, limits of Rabat.

While warning that whoever was breaking the law would eventually be caught he said the place would be cleaned up today. He asked anyone with any information about this case to call the Rabat council on 21455000, 21451510, 21455687 or 21451945.

It seems however that the countryside is not the only place where people like to get rid of their waste. Even in the heart of a residential area, irresponsible people choose to dispose of bulky waste illegally to the detriment of the aesthetics and safety of the locality and its residents. These photos were taken in recent hours in Bugibba, among these in Triq il-Ġifen.

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