A veritable Paradise Garden at Floriana

Floriana has a large number of gardens, which each year form the basis of the activity “Paradise garden”.

During this event, which has been taking place for nine years, visitors don’t just visit the gardens, but get a chance to see places they wouldn’t normally get a chance to visit.

Floriana – the urban locality just outside the capital city – is known for hosting mass events and activities on the granaries, the parish church of St. Publius, Portes des Bombes and St. Anne Street.

But this locality, which took its name from the Italian architect Pietro Paolo Floriani who designed the surrounding fortifications, has much more to offer. Floriana has the largest number of public gardens in Malta. It’s no wonder that many see it a paradise garden – which is also the name of the local council activity which has now entered its ninth year.

On Sunday morning a number of families visited the most important gardens including The Mall, Argotti Gardens and St. Philip’s Garden which has a fountain in the centre which was originally in St George’s Square, Valletta.

‘Paradise Gardens’ is not just about gardens. . . many went through the tunnel from where the old railway train used to pass.’

Founder and chairman of The Malta Railway Foundation, Paul Galea: “down here there are no flowers or vegetation but it is still a paradise for those who like me, like trains but even for those who love history. This is another paradise for us for the simple reason that once upon a time a train passed through here. This is the tunnel which belonged to the Floriana station. ”

Galea explained to visitors that at the time the second world war this place served as a shelter.

“The steps that we opened this year used to be a school.”

Paradise Gardens was held in a festive atmosphere with the participation among others of the Vilhena band.

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