A year ago Ben had no family but now he will have a Christmas full of love

The first adoption by a gay couple who are in a civil union in Malta means they will spend their first Christmas with their son Ben, who is one year and six months. Ben, who has Down’s Syndrome, has been living in a family environment with Steve and Kris Vella  Grima for a year, after they adopted him as their son.

As soon as we walked into the home of this couple, we found Ben playing and laughing as he makes attempts to start walking. Steve and Kris, like any other married couple, were on the list of couples waiting to adopt.

Ben started life with a difficult childhood, but since living with Steve and Kris he has found love and is greatly cherished, in a home that is purposely equipped for his comfort.

Ben also has his own room,, lots of toys which are entertaining and educational at the same time. For Ben and the couple, this is going to be a very special Christmas for them and their families.

Kris Vella Grima said, “We thank God that he gave us Ben, Steve is a saint and we have a family which supports us a lot.”

“He has filled our lives even more, and he has especially filled my life, ” said Steve Vella Grima.

Before he was adopted, Ben had various challenges but with the dedication and love shown by his adoptive parents, this boy today is like other children, growing mentally and physically, surrounded by love.

Ben is also greatly spoiled by his grandparents, Kris and Steve’s parents who spend time with him during the week, and spoil  him as the youngest member of the family. Kris told us that he believes there needs to be more education about the prejudices surrounding the adoption of children by gay couples, although he said that he has found a lot of co-opertion from the community.

Kris said, “We cannot say we found any problems, in fact we found support and love.”

The first Christmas for Ben and his family is going to be a great celebration with a large Christmas tree which in a few days will be full of presents for Ben. Up to last year Ben had no family to love him and last Christmas was very different from the one he will have this year, which will be filled with gifts, pampering, joy and lots and lots of love.