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AAA calls for criminalisation of bestiality

The Association for Abandoned Animals, AAA, has called for the criminalisation of bestiality.

On Facebook, AAA stated that this week everyone was shocked with the news on Television Malta regarding a man who entered a sheep farm in St Julian’s and sexually molested the sheep.

It said that the sheep were so traumatised that they sheltered in a corner and were even afraid of their owner.

AAA added that it is more shocking that this case revealed the absolute lack of legislation on bestiality in Malta. It said there is not a single provision in the law that criminalise bestiality and that the Act on Animal Protection bans cruelty to animals, however there is no specific reference to bestiality.

The Association for Abandoned Animals stated that a sexual act with an animal is automatically rape, a violent act on another species and a risk to health for society in general. It appealed for action so that society does not continue to victimise animals due to man’s sexual perversion.

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