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Absenteeism in schools reduced by 25%

Figures issued by the National Office of Statistics on education show that on average, state schools have the lowest number of students per classroom. They also show that state school provide education for 58% of the children in the country while the student population in church schools stands at 29%.

During the last scholastic year, students from Attard registered the lowest absentee rate, with an average of seven days per year.  On the other hand, the average is of almost 24 days per year with students who live in Cospicua being the most who are absent from school.

The NSO said that last year, students in church and state schools, which numbered 55,000, were absent for more than half a million days of school. The NSO said that this shows a reduction of 25% when compared with the scholastic year of five years ago. The lowest rate of authorised absenteeism was in private schools, while the lowest non-authorised absentee rate was in church schools.

The NSO report says that over the last five years, the population in primary and secondary schools has reached an average of  55,000 students per year. Almost 58% attended state schools while 29% attended church schools, and 13% attended private schools.

The schools in Birkirkara, Pembroke and Hamrun had the largest number of students, amounting to slightly more than 9,450. In the five years between 2012 and 2017, Church schools registered the highest average in the size of classrooms, both at primary and secondary level.

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