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Accessibility has become mandatory for new or renovated buildings

The facility of accessibility for every new building or an old building which has been renovated will now become mandatory. This was announced by the Secretary for the Rights of People with a Disability, Anthony Agius Decelis, and the Commissioner for the Rights of People with a Disability, Oliver Scicluna.

They said that this is being done thanks to a new legal notice, and explained that to date there were the 2013 guidelines which became National Standards two years later. They explained that these standards did not used to br binding, but now this legal notice will ensure physical accessibility for people with a disability.

Mr Scicluna said that the Commission for People with a Disability has lost several cases in Court because this law did not exist. He added that this law will now strengthen the position of the Commission to ensure full accessibility.

He said that various people with a disability have come face to face with difficulties, and appealed to authorities to work on better enforcement. He said that the Commission needs to have a section within its ranks which implements enforcement measures.

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