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Accused defrauded man with quickcash card he never received

40-year old Michel Rizzo from Fgura was placed under a three-year probation order after he was found guilty that seven years ago he defrauded more than €2,000 through a credit card which wasn’t his.

Rizzo was charged that in April 2011 he bought €2,020 worth of gold items and a television, and withdrew €1,340 with an HSBC quickcash card.  In the court sentence it did not emerge how the card ended up in his possession.

The case was investigated by the police after the card’s owner, Clinton Borg, reported that an unknown person used his credit card in various shops and also through ATMs. Borg was expecting a new credit card and PIN number after in the same month he reported to the bank that he had a damaged quickcash card.

Meanwhile, a bank employee informed him that the new card and PIN number (which he was waiting for and had never received) were used in various shops and ATMs.

Following police investigation, Rizzo was arrested and caught buying with the credit card through security camera videos. Many shop owners identified the accused, with one of them even taking note of his car registration number after he noticed that the accused remained wearing glasses and a cap while buying in his shop.

The Court, presided by Magistrate Josette Demicoli, considered the fact that the bank had refunded the money taken from Borg’s account and that the case occurred when Rizzo had a drug addiction. As his criminal record showed, the court said the accused improved his position, has a regular job and a family.

The Magistrate said that it was opportune that the accused is placed under a probation order and ordered him to pay €1,190 to HSBC bank and €830 to the jewelry shop in three-years’ time.


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