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Man accused of having run over former partner of girlfriend in hit-and-run incident

25-year old Hagen Azzopardi was released from custody after he was accused in Court today of grievously injured 27-year old Josef Borg in a hit-and-run incident.

The case occurred last Sunday at 9.00pm during the Luqa feast, with Azzopardi being apprehended by Police at Imsida less than an hour after the incident. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, who was also held in custody for some time.

It emerged during today’s hearing in court that Borg is the former partner of Azzopardi’s girlfriend, and that the former was allegedly harassing her.

Apart of having ran over Borg and dangerously driving, Azzopardi was also accused of causing damage on personal objects and on three cars belonging to third persons.

Azzopardi, who denied the charges, requested his release from custody, which was upheld under a number of conditions, including a release bail of €500 and a personal guarantee of €1,500. He has to sign at the Imsida station three times a week and stay at home between 7.30pm and 6.00am.

Magistrate Simone Grech is hearing the case, while the prosecution is led by Insperct Paul Camilleri. Dr Franco Debono and Dr Marion Camilleri appeared for the accused.

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