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Action on a global scale aims to eliminate AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis by the year 2030

Leaders from around the world, including PM Joseph Muscat, activists and people infected by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are in Lyon, France for the sixth Global Fund conference against these diseases, which each year take the lives of millions of patients.

Organised by the Fenech Government, the conference is being held with the aim of collecting almost 13 billion Euro for the Global Fund so that between 2021 and 2023, deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria will be cut by half.

The Global Fund to control and fight against these diseases was set up 17 years ago. From that time to date, around 32 million people have been saved. Thanks to this fund, the rate of deaths from AIDS  was cut by half. However, there are still many challenges which need to be overcome.

“Every day, almost 1000 young girls and women are infected with HIV. Every two minutes a child dies of malaria. Tuberculosis today is considered the most deadly infectious disease. More than 10 million people a year are diagnosed with tuberculosis.”

French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting this sixth Global Fund conference amidst concerns that what was achieved over the last few years against these diseases may be lost because in some countries these diseases have reappeared. The plan is that within the next three years, help will be given to around 16 million people to avoid millions of infections.

The conference, held every three years, is a platform for donors from around the world to pledge their financial contributions with the aim of reaching the sustainable development targets, which include eliminating AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis by the year 2030.

The Global Fund which was formed in partnership between the public and private sectors is considered to be the most important external financing of the health sector in many African countries.

Since its inception, the European Commission has contributed more than 2.5 billion Euro. This year, the EU will be contributing 550 million Euro.

More than 60 countries contribute to this fund.  Malta is being represented at this conference by the PM Muscat and Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne.

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