Activists force open barriers, camp on Manoel Island

Activists involved in the Kamp Emergenza Ambjent have forced their way past barriers in order to provide access to Manoel Island. When this break was reported Police went on site together with Gzira Mayor Conrad Borg Manche’.

The activists are camping on Manoel Island in order, they say, to ensure access remains open to the public after it had been closed off by MIDI 16 years ago. Gzira residents had staged a protest earlier this week in order to be given access to the bay. The residents are being supported by a number of NGOs, among them Moviment Graffiti, Zminijietna, Friends of the Earth – Malta, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar and the Ramblers Association.

The activists are insisting that MIDI cannot close off this access, because as laid down in the concession it has been granted by Government, MIDI has no right to close it off. Apart from this, the Public Domain Act stipulates that the coastline is to be automatically considered as public domain, and access to it cannot therefore be denied.

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