Actor ends silence about alleged rape by actress when a minor

Jimmy Bennett ended his silence, saying that he was shy and was fearful when allegedly he had a sexual relation with actress Asia Argento, when he was a minor. In comments to The New York Times, the 22-year old young actor and musician, stated that he is ready to face all the consequences once his story was made public. He threatened to take the case to Court so that justice is made.

Bennett said that, initially, he remained silent as he thought that society would judge him because he was still an adolescent. However, when he then saw the actress recount the violence she went through when she was raped by Harvey Weinstein, he remembered the trauma he passed through when he had a sexual relation with Asia Argento.

The Bennett-Argento story is developing further from day to day, and has shocked the cinema industry. Despite the actress denial, a series of photos and sms’s were published on Wednesday, with reports saying there is enough proof to incriminate Argento with the crime she committed when Bennett was only 17 years of age.

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