Actress raised €2.1 million on objects and outfit used in Grease

Australian actress, Olivia Newton-John, raised over two million euro after she decided to auction the outfit and objects used in the film Grease.

In the 1978 film, in which she acted with rising star John Travolta, Newton-John interpreted the principal role of Sandy, a modest girl.

The black leather outfit she wore in the last scene of the film was auctioned for over €350,000, double the initial offers.

The iconic trousers she wore in the last scene of the film wasn’t actually a new one and were two decades old. In fact, when the actress wore the skirt for the first time it was noticed that it had a broken zip.

The original film script interpreted by Newton-John was also sold at the auction. Other items included a pink dress that the Australian actress wore at a cinema to watch the film’s premiere, which was sold for around €15,000.

The 71-year old actress said that she took the decision to sell the items to “simplify her life”. She is currently battling breast cancer following previous diagnoses of the disease in 1992 and 2013.

Part of the money raised in the auction will go towards acancer centre in which she receives personal treatment.

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