AD: Michael Falzon’s resignation was correct but came six months too late

Alternattiva Demokratika has said that Dr Michael Falzon should have resigned six months ago, together with the Director General of the Government Lands Department.

In a statement, Carmel Cacopardo, Deputy Chairperson of Alternative Demokratika, said that the Auditor’s report is a condemnation of the Lands Department which began its process of expropriation without any justification that this was in the public interest. He said that this was also a clear condemnation of the former Parliamentary Secretary Michael Falzon who was not capable of supervising the operations of the Lands Department.

AD said that Michael Falzon’s resignation from Parliamentary Secretary was the correct decision but it had come six months too late. Cacopardo said Falzon should have resigned last July after he was presented with the report by the Internal Audit and Investigations Department (IAID). That day, he said, as a result of that report, the Director General of the Lands Department had resigned with the excuse of “personal reasons”.

Cacopardo concluded that it was good that the PM had announced reforms in the way public land should be administered because at least there was a chance that with this case, the country could benefit by introducing procedures which would protect the public interest.

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