Current Affairs
AD, PD formally agree to merge into one party

The Partit Demokratiku and Alternattiva Demokratika have formally agreed to a merger of both parties, with the new party to be known as AD/PD. In a statement, both parties said this agreement has been reached after months of discussion and joint political action between the two parties.

They add that in the national climate of division and hatred, both Alternattiva Demokratika and Partit Demokratiku recognise the need for a policy which works for the good of the whole country.

The Parties added that in the coming weeks they will be working together through a united Executive made up of a transitory team.

They explained that the aim is towards fast finalisation of the process for the parties to officially merge into one party run by a new Executive which will be elected after the first General Meeting called by the united party. The aim is for this process to be concluded by the end of September.