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Admitted stealing diamonds worth €10,000 – promised to tell Police to whom he sold them

55-year old Carmel Azzopardi from Msida pleaded guilty to the theft of diamonds worth €10,000 from an establishment which cannot be named. The theft occurred between the 8th and 10th of this month.

The prosecuting officer told Magistrate Nadine Lia that the accused admitted the charges, claiming that he committed the crime due to his cocaine abuse and debts.

‘Parte civile’ lawyers expressed the wish that Azzopardi is not jailed, however that he returns the diamonds or their value in money. The Police stated that it hasn’t yet the information about the whereabouts of the diamonds.

The man, who four years ago underwent a drugs rehabilitation program, pledged that tomorrow he will inform the police to whom he had sold the diamonds. His defence requested the man’s release from custody, arguing that he suffers from various health conditions.

The Court rejected the request and ordered that the accused is remanded in custody, and requested the prison authorities to consider his health.

Sentence will be delivered next week.